The 5 Best Chimneys in India to Cook in a Smoke-free Environment

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Indian Kitchens are where the best of cuisines are made with no fancy equipment and only with traditional techniques. The food no doubt tastes pretty good but with the help of modern equipment, the food that can be is sure to be the best delicacies. One such equipment that is pretty rare in household kitchens is chimneys. Chimneys are pieces of equipment that not only suck out smoke but also help in keeping the kitchen clean. Check out the 5 best chimneys in India this year.

Best Chimneys in India

5 Best ChimneysRequired PowerWarranty (Product+Motor)Buy Now
Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney1200m3/hr1+5 Years
Eurodomo 90 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney1200m3/hr1+5 Years
Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney1200m3/hr1+5 Years
Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney1200m3/hr1+5 Years
Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney1000m3/hr1+7 Years

Check Out the Best Chimneys!

1. Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Fabricated by a standout amongst other best chimneys in India, Elica, this phenomenal model accompanies a lovely look and structure. In this way, it will doubtlessly fit splendidly with the feel of your kitchen.

Working this kitchen chimney is likewise very simple in light of its Touch Control Panel. With this element, you can access all the highlights of this product. Considered by numerous individuals as one of the best kitchen chimneys in India, this amazing item from Elica likewise accompanies the restrictive Baffle Filter. Other than this, this kitchen machine additionally includes two LED lights, which are very proficient and offer superb enlightenment. This component can end up being very advantageous for you while setting up the basics for cooking.

To improve its adequacy, considerably more, Elica has likewise furnished an oil authority with it. It is known to be very effective and, thus, can dispense with oil and other oily deposits helpfully from your kitchen. Another quality of the item, which makes it perhaps the best chimney for the kitchen, is its Heat Auto Clean Technology. With the assistance of this propelled feature, this kitchen tool can clean its insides quickly and easily.


  • Suits appropriately with any kitchen
  • It has a high suction power
  • The item is very energy efficient
  • It is anything but difficult to perfect just as work
  • Incredible design
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise


  • Doesn’t highlight a pipe
  • Its oil authority isn’t that proficient
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2. Eurodomo 90 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

The notable European brand, Eurodomo, has been giving various imaginative kitchen machines at a moderate cost throughout the previous 15 years. In their wide scope of kitchen chimneys, this model is viewed as one of the best chimneys in India.

Like the last item on our list, this one additionally accompanies a Baffle Filter. Along these lines, other than making your kitchen look refined, the item can likewise assist with keeping it spotless and new by taking out oil and residue particles. This chimney doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. If you clean it every so often, it can offer its services for a long time.

For offering you an uncomplicated and speedy activity, the includes includes a proficient touch control system. The board accompanies a computerized display, which makes the model look significantly increasingly modern and elite. Likewise, it has a big power limit of 1200 M3/Hour, which empowers you to enjoy without dust cooking.

This component is very proficient and, therefore, can wipe all the oil particles from your kitchenette effectively. After cleaning, it stores all the particles in the oil authority, which can be cleaned with a straightforward wash of your washing material.


  • Accompanies a perfect structure with a safety glass finish
  • The Baffle Filters are very simple to clean
  • It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep
  • Highlights a touch control board with an advanced showcase


  • It in some cases delivers a ton of commotion
  • Doesn’t accompany an appropriate client manual
  • It isn’t perfect for littler kitchens
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3. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware is a local Indian brand that fabricates the absolute best chimneys in India. This chimney has a sparkling appearance with an exceptional treated steel finish.

This chimney comes furnished with vitality productive LED lights to enlighten your kitchen, particularly the ledges and different zones where you cook. The tempered steel bewilder channels work productively in constraining the oil to settle inside the perplex while permitting air to move uninhibitedly. The oil buildup gathers in the oil gatherer cup that can be expelled and cleaned whenever needed.

The metallic blower has a high suction limit of 1200 m3/hr, whereby you have less smoke in the kitchen. The effective motor guarantees that it uses as a meager electricity as could be expected under the circumstances. Working the chimney is agreeable in view of the one-contact controls.


  • Simple to work and clean the smokestack
  • The high suction intensity of 1200 m3/hr
  • The amazing design that adds shimmer to the kitchen
  • Expands wind stream to the kitchen by evacuating smoke


  • Introducing the machine is a costly issue
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4. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber is a well-known universal brand of a chimney that suits Indian kitchens. Indian kitchens have a great deal of oil and sediment. Faber chimney is the perfect one to have under such conditions due to its incredible motor with a utilitarian suction limit of 1200 m3/hr. This chimney is probably one of the best chimneys in India.

This chimney accompanies auto head cleaning innovation that empowers you to clean the smokestack with a solitary dash of a catch. The oil buildup gathers in the oil authority that can be expelled and cleaned at recreation. The incredible engine guarantees lesser noise levels, whereby you can concentrate on your cooking with no aggravation.

This chimney accompanies two LED lights that not just give adequate enlightenment to your kitchen ledges yet additionally expend less electricity. Faber chimney is a cutting edge fireplace with fantastic highlights like signal control and contact control. The signal control function permits the activity of the chimney with no physical contact.


  • Channel-less innovation
  • Auto head cleaning
  • Ground-breaking motor
  • Amazing suction limit


  • The expense can be a restricting component
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5. Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney

For two decades, GLEN has been reforming kitchen gear and the best chimneys in India with inventive items and insightful highlights. Glen Hood Chimney 6071 EX has a dark toughened glass that guarantees toughness, wellbeing yet, in addition, upgrades your kitchen insides.

This item contains a cutting edge perplex channel that gives dynamic-wind stream and high proficiency. The propeller structure guarantees the deposits are aggregated independently without stifling the channel, which improves wind current also. Energy saving LED lights are given to enlighten the gas stove zone for advantageous cooking.

Press button control encourages you to pick between the three speeds and hob light. This item has ground-breaking suction of 1000m3/hr which will expel all the hints of grime and vapor in practically no time.

All the materials utilized in this item are of great quality like the motor, it has a warm over-burden defender, the lodging, fan, and all wiring is made of fire-resistant plastic. This guarantees the most extreme health and long life. Not at all like the greater part of the kitchen chimeny brands, Glen is giving a 1-year complete and 7-year motor guarantee.


  • Low on noise and maintenance
  • Blend of style and execution
  • A bent toughened glass body
  • Hardened steel puzzle channel
  • Dynamic wind current with cutting edge structure
  • Splendid LED lights
  • All the wiring utilized are fire-resistant plastic


  • No legitimate client assistance.
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All the products mentioned in the list above are selected after going through several products trying and testing throughout. The positives and negatives of each product have been determined after practical usage and not just reviews.

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