The 5 Best Hair Dryers in India for the Perfect Hair

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Beauty and looking good is no longer limited to nature. Grooming and being smart has subconsciously become a part of our daily routine. Whether men or women, grooming is almost a necessity regardless of the occasion. For the perfect grooming regime, you need the right tools for it. One such essential tool is the best hair dryers in India for the perfect hairstyles.

A good hairdryer does not only give you a desired glamorous look by adding shine, silkiness, and volume to your hair but can also be a real time-saver when it comes to your early morning rush for important meetings and events. Rendering confidence and a glow to your overall personality, and sparing the embarrassment of having frizzy, shabby, and unkempt hairs.

Above all, it is one of the indispensable grooming tools u need to have in your grooming arsenal. And having the right one can just make your day and mood right. So Check out the best hair dryers in India and keep up your grooming game above the rest.

Best Hair Dryers in India

5 Best Hair DryersBrand WarrantyWattagePrice
Philips HP8142/002 Years1000WBuy Now
Havells HD31622 Years1565WBuy Now
SYSKA HD16102 Years1200WBuy Now
Urban 2000W-2000WBuy Now
Wahl 5439-0241 Years2000WBuy Now

Check Out the Best Hair Dryers in India!

1. Philips HP8142/00 Hair Dryer

Philips, a notable Indian brand with purchasers over the world also considered as the best hair dryers in India. With regards to hair styling items, HP8142/00 is truly an outstanding and moderate hairdryer in the market. Phillips hairdryer occupied the first place in the rundown because of the solid air attractions to dry the hair. It is shrewdly structured to such an extent that the minimized and lightweight plan makes it simple to convey and deal with easily.

best hair dryers in India

Even though it is more affordable, this hair dryer offers remarkable execution to the clients. Thermo ensures highlight gives ideal drying temperature and gives extra security from overheating the hair. It highlights progressed concentrator innovation with a brisk warm head for a consistent and uniform stream of air to dry out the hair without making it bunched up. 2-speed setting (low and high) are given which assist you with modifying as per your hair type. To play out the drying procedure, the Philips hair dryer utilizes 1000-watts of intensity that is a lot of reasonable and safe for ordinary use.


  • Conservative and ergonomic design
  • Thermo secure temperature setting
  • Progressed concentrator innovation
  • Consumes 1000-watts of intensity
  • Accompanies 2 adaptable warmth settings
  • 2-long periods of assembling guarantee
  • Dries the hair in 15-minutes


  • Can’t blow the cool air
  • Accessible in a solitary shading
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2. Havells HD3162 1565W Powerful Hair Dryer

Havells India Limited is one of India’s driving organizations in giving family arrangements. This brand has spearheaded regarding quality, cutting edge innovation, and snappier assistance. The HD3162 hairdryer from Havells brings an ideal parity for drying, styling, and makes the hair sans frizz. They are tougher and have a more extended life than other hair dryers making them the best hair dryers in India.

Havells HD3162 1565W Powerful Hair Dryer

The 1565-watts engine gives delicate wind current of dry air leaving you smooth and glossy hair. By setting the dryer to the ideal level, it will let you dry out the hair rapidly. The warmth balance innovation guarantees the conveyance of air to forestall hair harm and results in less introduction to warm. It includes a separable spout that permits you to set the wind current a particular way for blowing the tourist. By confining the spout, the gadget covers sight-seeing to the greatest separation. Cool air shot gets initiated when you set the temperature to low mode, styles the hair with a smooth completion for durable outcomes.


  • Honeycomb delta
  • Effectively foldable handle
  • Warmth adjusting innovation
  • Highlights 2 cool shot settings
  • Twofold security system
  • Requires 1565-watts power for drying
  • Honeycomb channel for sans tangle hair
  • Separable concentrator with a fixed spout
  • Accompanies 4-temperature settings


  • Not an ionic stream
  • Make some clamor while working
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3. SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

Syska is one more acclaimed brand in India with has kept up the quality, veritable cost, and guaranteed after-deal administration. The smaller and foldable design makes this item simple for you to convey any place you need. The concealed mystery of this hairdryer is that it uses 1200-watts of intensity for regular drying and styling your hair, making them a reliable and one of the best hair dryers in India

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

The overheat security highlight shields the hair from harming for example at the point when the abundance heat is discharged from the gadget. Warmth adjusting innovation circulates the sight-seeing evenly to dry out the hair rapidly and a major breeze delta diminishes the turning/twisting of hair for proficient drying. The maker offers 2-long periods of guarantee benefits on the item and you don’t have to stress over the inward harm inside the predefined time. Visit the closest approved assistance community and get it fixed for nothing of cost.


  • Warmth balance innovation
  • 1200-watts of intensity gracefully
  • Overheat insurance include
  • Hot and cool air blower work
  • Smaller and light-weighted structure
  • Foldable handle for simple getting to
  • Accompanies 2-speed settings


  • The force line length is excessively short.
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4. Urban Nova Professional 2000W Stylish Hot and Cold Hair Dryer

The hairdryer from Nova can assist you with accomplishing salon-like hair styling even without escaping your home. It has an extraordinary molding innovation that will guarantee your hair is all around secured during styling. It is anything but difficult to overlay the machine after use. The hairdryer additionally has a ThermoProtect temperature setting that gives shine and conditions the hair, making it one of the best hair dryers in India.

Urban Nova Professional 2000W Stylish Hot and Cold Hair Dryer


  • 2m long-lasting cable for durability
  • Agreeable to utilize
  • Conservative plan for simple taking care of
  • Hot and cold factor
  • 3 variables and 2 warmth setting for cautious drying
  • Overheating insurance


  • Gets hot rapidly
  • Makes noise during activity
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5. Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

The hairdryers from the brand Wahl are reasonable for a wide range of hairs and also the best hair dryers in India. This expert-level hairdryer accompanies a high wattage intensity of 2000-watts which makes ideal wind stream and delicate drying make simple for ordinary utilization. With the variable speed settings alternative, you can change the wind current to low/high according to your necessities. It utilizes Tourmaline innovation which creates negative particles to keep the hair sans frizz. The exceptional foldable handle gives a smooth, agreeable grasp and assists with moving uninhibitedly as you required.

Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

The hairdryer highlights 2 warmth and 3-speed settings to modify the wind stream and warmth according to the comfort of clients. It accompanies 3 connections 2 concentrators and 1 diffuser which permit simple and advantageous styling of all hair types. After drying, you have to turn on the cool shot element in which produces the surge of cool air and assists with styling and jam the characteristic surface of the hair.  


  • A concentrator
  • 2000-watts of intensity flexibly
  • It accompanies 2-speed settings
  • Attachment and play type hairdryer
  • Supported with a 2-years guarantee
  • Highlights a tourmaline innovation
  • Ideal for drying and styling your hair


  • Vigorously weighted structure
  • Somewhat costly than other hair dryers
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The products mentioned in the list of the best hair dryers in India have been selected after extensive research on products from the same class. The list of these products has been compiled after the trial and examination of each product

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Hairdryer Buying Guide 2020

With regard to hairstyling, hairdryers are basic instruments for both men and women. The warm air rising up out of the hairdryer will evacuate the wetness. With regards to buying one of the best hair dryers in India, putting resources into a top-notch model will diminish the odds of ending up in a dry scalp and fragile hair. 

The key things to focus while looking for a hairdryer include type, power, the material used, hot/cold air, or any other accessories. 

1. Hair Dryer Types 

In view of developed material, the best hair dryers in India are ordered into 3 distinct kinds of hair dryers. Every one of them has novel usefulness in improving hair wellbeing by drying and styling. 

  • Ionic Hair Dryer 
  • Ceramic Hair Dryer 
  • Tourmaline Hair Dryer 
  • Titanium Hair Dryer 

2. Motor and Power Consumption 

The engine is liable for the productivity and execution of a hairdryer. An engine with great wattage gives adequate warmth and compel required to rapidly dry the hair without harming it. High-torque and AC engines are the ideal decisions as they have the ability to move the air rapidly through your hair. When contrasted with less expensive and low-quality other options, the salon-quality AC engine gives 40% a lot quicker outcomes. What’s more, they can last up to multiple times longer too.

On the off chance that you utilize a hairdryer normally, at that point putting resources into an item with an excellent engine is significant. Wattage quantifies how quick the engine of the hairdryer works. Dryers with higher wattage will dry your hair quicker than a dryer with low wattage. For wavy and flimsy hair types, the 1400Watt engine is sufficiently adequate to the hair shafts altogether without bringing about any harm. Be that as it may, for those with amazingly thick or hard to dry hair, a dryer with a wattage of 1800 to 2000 is suggested. 

3. Heat Settings 

Much the same as material and wattage are significant, having diverse temperature settings is likewise critical for the hair dryers in India. Quest for an item within any event 3 diverse warmth settings that incorporate – low, medium, and high warmth. Aside from these, cutting edge hair dryers accompany a customization warmth setting choice. It is most appropriate for individuals with fine and light hair. These hair types douse the warmth a lot speedier than thick hair.

Along these lines, you can change the warmth and wind current as indicated by the necessities. Beginning with the most reduced setting, you can alter the temperature according to the need. 

4. Filters

The vast majority of the hairdryers accessible in the Indian market accompanies channels – which are available to secure the engine and increment the life expectancy of the blow dryer. After some time, channels accumulate dust, build-up, hair, and different flotsam and jetsam. Along these lines, they must be cleaned consistently. Some hair dryers accompany pivots which are a lot simpler to clean. Too hot temperatures and diminished wind streams are the markers that advise you to clean the channels. You can utilize tweezers to expel build-up and hair. In the event that it has removable barbecues, at that point it can even vacuum the channel. 

5. Auto-Shut Off 

Auto shut off part in the best hair dryers in India assists with killing the gadget when the abundance heat is produced (for example more than the required) as it brings about balding or harm. 

6. Price and Warranty 

As the cost of the best hair dryers in India ranges from two or three hundred to thousands, you can pick anybody dependent on your financial plan. With regards to guarantee, ensure the brand/organization gives, in any event, a 1 or 2-year guarantee. During the guarantee time frame, on the off chance that the gadget doesn’t work, at that point, you can get it fixed or supplanted with no additional expenses.

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