The 5 Best Refrigerator in India in 2020

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It would be hard to imagine a household, let alone a kitchen without a refrigerator. A refrigerator is an essential appliance in every place where food is involved. A refrigerator is a handy appliance that is used to store and preserve food items. It is not possible to go and purchase necessary items each and every single time you need them. Moreover, many certain recipes require cooling in certain stages of making the dish or food item. These are the reasons why a refrigerator is an important appliance. When this is the case, you need the best refrigerator in India. Here is a list of the best available options in the market.

Best Refrigerator in India

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1. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator WDE 205 CLS 3S BLUE-E

This exquisite blue cooler is a modernized form of numerous’ top picks. It’s a sans stabilizer so it is solid on events of voltage fluctuations. It likewise has 9-hour cooling maintenance should the power cuts off. It’s a cooler incorporated with innovation worked for an Indian family unit. It additionally accompanies a removable anti-bacterial gasket ideal for advanced housekeepers that consistently need their fridge flawlessly germ free. The racks of this model are a wired kind rack. It got a 3-star rating and is suggested if you are looking for the best refrigerator in India.

Best Refrigerator in India


  • Exquisite modern design
  • Brisk ice zone
  • Removable gasket
  • Reciprocator compressor
  • 9-Hour cooling retention
  • Stabilizer-free operation


  • Manual defrosting
  • Just for a little family
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2. Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E

The Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator had to make it to the list of the best refrigerator in India because it is a productive appliance sound for little families. This refrigerator has a 360-degree wind stream to keep your food new and cool through the intensity of one-hour icing innovation. The model has a voltage of 240 volts and a nourishment limit of 234 liters. It was evaluated as a 3-featured rating for its exhibition and got positive criticisms.

Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E


  • Ice-free
  • Two-fold door
  • Auto defrost to stop ice-develop
  • 1-Hour icing technology
  • 360-degree cooling
  • Twin twist ice tray
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Top LED and toughened glass


  • Needs inverter
  • Basic locking framework for the two entryways
  • Constrained space/stockpiling on the entryway
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3. LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator GL-I292RPZL

LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is a nice steel material covered fridge of LG and is normal due to its best after-sale services, which is one of the many reasons for it being one of the best refrigerator in India. Its exhibition and force will definitely fulfill you in keeping your fixings in quality. This model additionally a shrewd inverter blower for extraordinary activities. LG has won overall gratefulness in light of its consumer loyalty. It is suggested.

LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator GL-I292RPZL


  • Savvy inverter compressor
  • Savvy diagnosis feature with auto smart-connect
  • Ice-free
  • Soggy balance crisper
  • Working is silent


  • Visit maintenance is required
  • The cooler compartment has no lighting
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4. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator RT28T3122UT/HL

Alongside LG, Samsung is a remarkable performer in the Indian local view. Samsung has made probably the best hardware items in India throughout the years. This fridge, with its high-class highlights, should equal the LG ice chest talked about before as probably the best refrigerator in India.

Samsung coolers draw their capacity from an excellent computerized inverter blower. This blower makes less clamor as well as spares vitality. This cooler accompanies an inbuilt stabilizer work that dispenses with the utilization of an outside stabilizer. It can deal with the input voltage in the scope of 100V to 300V.

Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – RT28T3483S8/HL


  • Ice-free cooler with a capacity limit of 253 liters
  • 3-star vitality rating
  • Advanced Inverter Compressor
  • Most extreme Cooling maintenance
  • Cool Wall innovation to deal with power cuts
  • Can deal with high voltage changes


  • People have complained of a No-replacement approach
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5. Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – IF INV CNV 278

Whirlpool is a perfect contender for LG and Samsung in light of its high prominence appraisals among customers. Having earned a name for itself in the shopper machines classification, Whirlpool has presented perhaps the best refrigerator in India. The 5-in-1 model convertible cooler is one of the features of this Whirlpool fridge. This cooler, controlled by versatile knowledge, accompanies the accompanying modes to convey top-notch execution. All-season Mode, Chef Mode, Dessert Mode, Party Mode, Deep Freeze Mode are the 5 modes

Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – IF INV CNV 278


  • Convertible cooler with 5-in-1 modes
  • Versatile Intelligence Technology
  • The convertible cooler permits the ice chest to grow its extra room to suit the necessities of huge families
  • Good with home inverter
  • Least commotion
  • Fit for delivering ice inside 60 minutes


  • The refrigerator has a low width, subsequently making it hard to put enormous utensils inside it.
  • Clients have whined of poor after-deals administration.
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The refrigerators mentioned in the list of the best refrigerator in India are some of the best ones selected among all the products in their class. The specifications of each product have been determined after verifying with authentic resources. The reviews, positive points, and negative points have been noted after trial and testing by our team.

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Best Refrigerator Buying Guide 

Choosing the Best Refrigerator in India 

With such a large number of alternatives present in the market, it is hard to pick a solitary item. Be that as it may, with some information on which elements to consider for examination, you can put resources into the correct one. 

1. Capacity 

The foremost factor to consider while buying the best refrigerator in India is capacity. All things considered, it relies upon the client’s dietary patterns and family size. 

2. Types of Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerators  Otherwise called direct cooling fridges since they run on direct cool innovation. These refrigerators bring a limit upto 300 Liters. Along these lines, they are ideal for single guys and little families. Contrasted with different sorts of fridges with a similar limit, it expends 30 – 40% less vitality. 

Double Door Refrigerators – As the name proposes, this sort has two separate doors for the freezer and fridge. Normally, they arrive in a limit extend between 200 – 700 Liter. Along these lines, they are ideal for medium families (4 – 5 individuals). In light of the refrigerator compartment area, swinging doors are additionally isolated into two classes – Top mount and base mount. This is the most common and has the most varieties in the best refrigerator in India list. 

Triple Door Refrigerator – These refrigerators have 3 doors. The base part is uncommonly intended to keep up vegetables and natural products liberated from dampness and new for a more extended time. In spite of the fact that they need more capacity to work, they give preferable usefulness and flexibility over others. As three compartments are independent, the blending of smells is preposterous. 

3. Size 

Does your kitchen have enough space to put the refrigerator? With regards to opening the fridge, it doesn’t require to go past 90 degrees for expelling vegetables or different things. So while looking at space, ensure you have additional room to open the cooler entryway effectively past 90 degrees. 

In view of limits and type, refrigerators vary in width, length, and breadth. Along these lines, settle on sure your decision coordinates the space. 

4. Inverter Technology 

Inverter innovation deals with the essential principle of advancing the blower unit’s capacity. When all is said in done coolers, blowers for the most part go for on or off the situation at standard stretches. This procedure really prompts greater power utilization as the blower works at a uniform speed. 

In any case, with inverter innovation, the blower will work at various speed levels to give the necessary yield dependent on cooling prerequisites. At the point when the temperature falls underneath the set levels, the inverter will change the blower to a lower limit. In any case, the blower will return to work at the most extreme limit when the cooling is required. With inverter innovation, you can set aside to 20 – 30% percent power utilization. Indeed, even in stable temperatures, you can at present set aside to 20 – 40% power. 

5. Defrosting 

In view of defrosting types, fridges are partitioned into 2 kinds – direct cool and frost-free. 

  • Direct Cool Defrosting Technology 
  • Frost-Free Refrigerator 

6. Energy Efficiency 

The energy productivity of a refrigerator is determined dependent on power utilization. BEE energy star rating of a fridge gives an idea about power utilization. The BEE is a legislature ensured office that gives star vitality rating to home and kitchen machines, also determining the best refrigerator in India. The appraisals are as stars with a 5-star rating is the most productive. In any case, it doesn’t speak to quality. Energy proficient refrigerator can be a costly speculation. Be that as it may, in the event that you consider upkeep costs over a period, at that point they are a lot of gainful. Indeed, even inverter models are viewed as viable. 

7. Design

The following significant factor to investigate is the structure of the fridge. Look at the racking inside – regardless of whether you can without much of a stretch fit 2-liter containers if the racks are customizable, would you be able to save space for taller vessels, and if the space is sensible for your necessities.


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