The 5 Best Sewing Machine in India for the Fashion You Need

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Many might consider the activity of sewing a work that belongs to old-school grandmas or somewhere in cloth manufacturing factories. But the art of sewing and having the right tools is a real lifesaver and no one knows when it comes in handy. From pursuing a hobby to working on a DIY project of your own, from minor repairs to plain or innovative alterations. Everything can be achieved from the comfort of your home by a little investment in the best sewing machine in India.

With an overwhelming variety of brands and multiple sewing machines, the line between the professional and the handy user-friendly sewing machines is blurred. As there is something always more to offer buyers the ever-innovative manufacturers sewing machine, it can be dicey to just pick the right one which fulfills your need and saves you from spending that extra dime on the functions you are never really going to use. So we have brought you here the 5 best sewing machine in India for professional sewing needs whenever you need.

Best Sewing Machine in India

5 Best Sewing MachinesSewing TypeIn Built StitchesWarrantyBuy Now
Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing MachineElectrical72 Years
Singer Start 1306 Sewing MachineElectrical66 Years
Brother FS101 Computerized Sewing MachineComputerized 1001 Year
Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing MachineElectrical1N/A
Singer Promise 1408 Sewing MachineElectrical82 Years

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1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

This lightweight model is simply ideal for you if your top need is versatility, particularly as it accompanies a conveying handle. It has a reduced size that can without much of a stretch fit your restricted stockpiling, for example, a pantry. This is likewise simple to utilize and one of the best sewing machine in India. The programmed crisscross sewing machine with a conservative free arm has 7 worked in fastens including 4-advance buttonholing and 14 applications including ribbon fixing, stitching, smocking, zip fixing, and moved the sewing.

The sewing machine likewise has a shading coded utilitarian faceplate and two dials for the example and fasten length choice, a drop feed for weaving and programmed needle stringing


  • A free arm machine which permits simple roundabout sewing
  • With auto stumbling bobbin framework
  • With a sewing light
  • 550 Stitches for each moment electric sort
  • Fasten length control
  • Triple quality fasten


  • No alternative to turn off the sewing light
  • Somewhat uproarious
  • Can’t be utilized for catches
  • Normal speed
  • No embellishments included
  • Not reasonable for thick and substantial textures
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2. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

This is one of the sleekest models in the market and also one of the best sewing machine in India. This is ideal for tenderfoots and specialists. This is lightweight and is profoundly versatile. It might look excessively basic yet it has huge amounts of highlights new at sewing will genuinely appreciate. The machine has 6 Built-In Stitches, a programmed 4-Step buttonhole, and double spool pins for twin needle sewing. Notwithstanding these highlights, there are others like the Easy Stitch Selection, Automatic Tension, Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter Automatic Bobbin Winding System Darning Plate for nothing movement sewing.


  • Stringing charts are printed directly on the machine
  • Free Arm Convertible
  • Hardcore Metal Frame
  • Electric Type 750 Stitches Per Minute
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Three Presser Feet Included: Buttonhole foot. Zipper foot. Generally useful foot
  • Preset Stitch Length and Width
  • Driven Sewing Space Light


  • Thread sticking issues
  • Average speed
  • Not appropriate for pants and overwhelming textures
  • Requires demo (CD included)
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3. Brother FS101 Computerized Sewing Machine

For over a century, Brother has been known for conveying imaginative and client fulfilled sewing items. Shockingly, regardless of whether the items are comprised of high caliber, the valuing is a lot of sensible and moderate. On the off chance that you are searching for the best sewing machine in India at a reasonable spending plan, then the Brother FS101 is the correct decision. With this sewing machine, you can do considerably more than ordinary sewing ventures. It can play out a huge scope of sewing or huge sewing ventures which is esteem pressed, exceptionally adaptable, and adaptability.

This sewing machine accompanies 100 in-constructed lines and 55 alphanumeric lines that incorporate enlivening join and buttonhole lines. The LCD show encourages you to modify the fasten length, width, and different highlights like cloudy creases buttonholes, catches, free-movement sewing, and others.


  • 100 implicit join numbers and 55 alphanumeric lines
  • Worked in needle stringing
  • Huge LCD screen
  • Simple to utilize speed control
  • Driven sewing light
  • Speed control
  • Alternative augmentation table


  • The case isn’t given. Buying it independently can be expensive
  • In-manufactured edge to cut the strings or texture
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4. Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Qualimate is a brand that is knowledgeable in giving top-notch items at sensible costs and also some of the best sewing machine in India. This sewing machine is very convenient and minimal, so you can move it effectively starting with one then onto the next with no problems. This machine comes pre-strung and prepared to utilize so you don’t need to stress over eyes stressing. It has just a single fundamental join – chain-locking. The sewing sufficiently sturdy – which guarantees that the fasten doesn’t fall off without any problem.

Utilizing the foot presser, you can without much of a stretch control the machine. It accompanies 2 control speed – you can pick anybody dependent on your comfort. In the bundle, you can get


  • Two-speed control
  • Worked in stringing
  • Strong chain-lock sewing
  • Reasonable for fledglings
  • Concentrate light to ease sewing even in diminish lighting


  • Doesn’t function admirably on thick textures
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5. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

In the wake of experiencing Singer’s reasonable item, you might be considering a superior variant with a top-notch highlight from a similar brand. All things considered, Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine got it for you since this item is going to cost a somewhat higher sum when contrasted with the past one however it has all the updates that you have been searching for. From manufactured quality to working, everything is extraordinary becoming one of the best sewing machine in India.

As you take a look at the working of this machine, you can find that it has eight worked in join settings where 6 are essential sorts, one is ornamental and one is for buttonhole. Indeed, it has a direct sewing way which makes the work simpler and you can depend on the ease of use that is the reason it is a superior decision similarly. Having all the extra adornments improves the buy without a doubt.


  • Fabricated quality is amazingly superior to the last item
  • Accessible for a great markdown to spare you additional bucks
  • Additional lines setting permits you to a line in a snappy time effortlessly
  • Dependable plan with a solid base to make the structure work simpler
  • All the fundamental adornments included sparing the additional expense of procurement


  • Less negative audits about the after-deal benefits in modest communities.
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All the products mentioned in the list of the best sewing machine in India are a compilation of the best-selected products from their categories. All product details have been pinned down after trial and thorough testing.

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