The 7 Best Steam Iron in India to Keep Your Clothes Crisp and Fresh

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Clothes are a very important part of our lives. It won’t be wrong to say that they are as important as the food we eat. But what’s more important is to keep them clean and take care of them with the best steam iron in India to help them last longer. The life of a clothing item depends on how we wear them, wash them, and take care of them. Ironing is surely one of the best ways of taking care of our clothes and you need the best steam in India for that. It not only makes the wrinkles and shrinkage disappear from our favorite apparel but also adds freshness and elegance to it.

All in all, it makes one feel more comfortable, confident, and presentable. Adding an edge to one’s personality and boost self-esteem and gives a professional look.

Apart from elegance and freshness, ironing also terminates the sneaky little bacteria and viruses. Which survives through the washing process. This also ensures that there no presence of any bad odor and what we wear is completely hygienic, Protecting us from any of skin infections, etc. Hence, Ironing clothes is very important, if we wish to take care of our clothes i.e our personality and our health. For that matter, we need a good iron so check out the 7 best steam iron in India this year.

Best Steam Iron in India

Best Steam Iron ListWattage (Watts)WarrantySole Plate WeightPrice
Philips GC29982400 Watts2 Years Extended WarrantySteamglide Soleplate1 kg 260 gBuy Now
Morphy Richards Super Glide2000 Watts1 Year WarrantyPremium ceramic coated1 kg 400 gBuy Now
Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN2200 Watts2 Year Warrantyceramic soleplate1 kg 400 gBuy Now
Bajaj Majesty MX41250 Watts2 Year WarrantyNon stick coated800 gBuy Now
Philips GC1905 1440-Watt1440 Watts2 Years Extended WarrantyAluminium1 kg 60 gBuy Now
Prestige Cordless Magic1200 Watts2 Years Extended WarrantyNon stick coated1 kg 190 gBuy Now
Havells Fabio 1250-Watt1250 Watts2 Year WarrantyTeflon non-stick coated950 gBuy Now

Check Out the Best Steam Irons!

1. Philips gc2998 PowerLife Steam Iron with Steamglide Soleplate

Accessible at a moderate value, this Philips steam iron in an unblemished blue shading tops the rundown with its great highlights and nice execution. Probably the best element of the iron is it’s 170g/min steam lift and steam coast in addition to the Steamglide soleplate. The incredible steam support innovation likewise encourages in vertical pressing to revive hanging surfaces, for example, window ornaments, suits, and dresses.

Philips gc2998 PowerLife Steam Iron with Steamglide Soleplate

A standout amongst the best steam iron in India t at a respectable cost. The steam skims in addition to the soleplate is tough and non-clingy. The even appropriation of the steam helps in pressing the garments to flawlessness significantly faster. The vertical steam is a special reward. This Philip steam iron is a perfect choice for harder textures, for example, cloth.


  • Self-cleaning capacity
  • Programmed temperature and steam control
  • Accompanies a one-year guarantee
  • Warms up quickly
  • The sharp tip and the catch groove enter at each nook and corner of the texture.
  • Safe to use
  • Vertical steam apportions framework.
  • Leaves the fabric wrinkle-free with only a couple of strokes.


  • No auto cut-off element.
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2. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

This steam iron from the widely acclaimed brand Morphy Richards accompanies a few energizing highlights. This item accompanies a nearly long and smooth soleplate that is consolidated with 46 steam vents that could gracefully 11gm steam at each utilization. The item keeps up ISI security norms and accompanies a 2-year item guarantee. One of the outstanding highlights of the best steam iron in India is it accompanies a 360-turn power string and steam shoot includes for vertical pressing.

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron


  • 2-year guarantee
  • The long and smooth soleplate
  • Steam impact
  • 46 steam vents
  • 360 turn power string


  • Uses 2000-watts power twice more than different models.
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3. Black and Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

A quality gadget that guarantees elite conveyance, accommodation, and toughness! The Black Decker steam iron is an extreme rivalry to the Philips steam iron in the market as it conveys practically all the highlights at a lesser cost making it to the list of the best steam iron in India.

Black and Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

The Black Decker steam iron is a perfect family unit item that makes your work more straightforward and quicker. The item is solid with noteworthy capacities to give a smooth completed piece of clothing. As referenced before, this item gives an extreme rivalry to the Philips Steam Iron. Be that as it may, the cost and the force utilization of the gadget are a lot lesser contrasted with the previous. The main negative issue could be built quality.


  • Counter trickle highlight ensures no water spillage in any structure
  • Long force string
  • The steam burst and splash capacities function admirably together for troublesome zones.
  • Oneself clean component decreases work
  • Vertical steam
  • Huge water tank


  • Not all vents are useful
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4. Bajaj Majesty MX4 1250-Watt Steam Iron

This steam iron from the brand Bajaj is one of the best steam iron in India and devours 1250-watts force and conveys high-proficiency pressing. The soleplate fused into this steam iron is nonstick to guarantee the texture doesn’t adhere to your iron. This item could convey 8.5 grams of steam at a full water tank and the producer has joined variable steam and temperature highlights into this steam iron. The item likewise tells the truth to include and a 2-year item guarantee. One of the prominent highlights of this item is it accompanies equally spread steam vents.

Bajaj Majesty MX4 1250-Watt Steam Iron


  • Splash fog highlight
  • Self-clean element
  • 2-year item guarantee
  • Nonstick soleplate


  • A few clients inspected the item, as the temperature control handle is difficult to utilize.
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5. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

Philips GC1905 steam iron offers the best steam support, dependable soleplate, and configuration to handle the dubious regions of the texture. For an instrument that doesn’t place an opening in the pocket, the Philips SC1905 Steam Spray Iron is a decent decision and probably the best steam iron in India. It takes care of business when upheld by the correct voltage. Nonetheless, it has a couple of issues with water spillage. The iron must be in an upstanding position when not being used. Utilizing the higher settings in the iron when it isn’t yet totally prepared makes injury the steam splash framework! The heaviness of the steam created isn’t sufficient for harder textures.

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron


  • Lightweight
  • Simple water recharging
  • Expends less force
  • Shower steam works best on difficult to arrive at regions in the texture
  • Accompanies a 2-year guarantee
  • Temperature control handle


  • Water Leakage issues
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6. Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron

In the course of recent decades, TTK Prestige Limited is giving India’s biggest kitchen and family apparatuses. They give inventive, protected, tough items producing this product as one of the best steam iron in India. The ISI affirmed cordless steam iron has 1200 watts’ power. It has a stun confirmation handle and non-stick covered soleplate while steam burst mode, water splash office, customizable indoor regulator control are not many significant highlights accessible. The item is ISI approved. The steam iron has an intensity of 1200 watts and the cordless steam iron has a non-stick covered plate.

Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron

Likewise, it has a water shower facility, steam burst mode, and movable indoor regulator control. Besides, the steam iron has a stun proof handle


  • Simple to utilize and great quality
  • Non-stick covered plate
  • Stun proof handle
  • Being cordless lets the client use it anyplace whenever, giving definitive accommodation.


  • No negatives as such
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7. Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Havells is an old brand that has been around for some time now, and they’ve concocted an all-around made model. It has an old, vintage plan to it, yet it carries out its responsibility similarly just as solid, durable and the best steam iron in India. This one gives a flawless steam setting and ensures that there aren’t wrinkles left to ruin your piece of clothing. It accompanies dry just as steam pressing. The iron additionally accompanies a vertical explosion of steam and has a 230ml water tank limit. The non-stick covered soleplate makes it extremely safe for all kinds of fabrics. The indoor regulator can be balanced while the overheat wellbeing insurance circuit is empowered in the iron.

Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron


  • It accompanies a 2-year guarantee.
  • The dry and steam lead to simple and speedy pressing.
  • The non-stick soleplate ensures that the texture doesn’t adhere to the iron.
  • All mishaps caused because of unreasonable warming can be kept away from due to the overheat insurance circuit.
  • The temperature can likewise be balanced depending on the material being used.


  • It is overwhelming when contrasted with different irons.
  • It must be kept level while not being used.
  • There must be a hole kept up while filling the iron, or, in all likelihood it will prompt spillage.
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All the products mentioned in the list of the best steam iron in India have been selected after examining several products of the same class. Product descriptions and specifications have been verified with authentic sources.


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