The 6 Best Weighing Machine this Year to Keep Track of Your Health

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Keeping track of your health is a good habit. What is going down, what is going up, what needs to be regulated, etc. needs to be tracked regularly. Here, your best friend can be a weighing machine. Today, weighing machines not only show your body weight but can even track your BMI and body fat percentage. Check out the list below and get the best weighing machine for yourself this year.

Best Weighing Machine

6 Best Weighing MachinesCapacityMaterialWarrantyBuy Now
Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing MachineUpto 150 KgTempered GlassN/A
HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Weighing ScaleUpto 180 KgABS Plastic1 Year
Dr. Trust Absolute Leather Personal Digital Scale Weighing MachineUpto 180 KgABS Leather6 Months
Hesley HL-1 Weighing Machine with Advanced Step-Onn TechnologyUpto 180 KgTempered Glass6 Months
Hoffen HO-18 Weighing ScaleUpto 180 KgTempered GlassN/A
Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-DigitalUpto 150 KgTempered Glass1.5 Years

Check Out the Best Weighing Machines!

1. Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine

On the off chance that you are a healtlh conscious individual, this Omron advanced weighing machine is the best purchase. Track your regular exercise with this weighing machine and feel inspired. It gives exact data on weight reduction. This weighing machine has a silver-covered security glass that is tempered for additional durability. The structure is ultra-thin and smooth. Likewise, it is light in weight so you can without much of a stretch convey it starting with one spot then onto the next. It is outfitted with 4-sensor innovation for high accuracy that makes it a novel one, one of the best weighing machine.

Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine


  • Ultra-thin structure
  • 4 sensor exactness innovation
  • Programmed On/Off capacity
  • Treated glass for wellbeing
  • Exact bodyweight the executives
  • Exactness display to the nearest 100g


  • Overall quite a thin design
  • Lightweight
  • Very exact
  • Programmed on/off capacity makes it simple to utilize


  • None
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2. HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Weighing Scale

HealthSense is an acclaimed brand driving in giving wellbeing and individual considers items like weighing machines, BP screens, nebulizers, and then some. Among their items, Ultra-Lite PS 126 has taken the top situation in our rundown as a result of its complex innovation, solidness, and easy to understand highlights.

This item is an ideal accomplice for individuals who need to accomplish weight the board objectives, one of the best weighing machine. Its Step-on innovation has 4 high exactness G sensors which help in conveying precise numbers every time. The maker has given auto-alignment which implies the gadget doesn’t expect tapping to initiate the scale.

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Weighing Scale


  • gauging limit between 5Kg to 180kg
  • gives estimation in different units
  • huge and backdrop illumination LCD
  • gives low battery and blunder alarms
  • customized against slip silicon cushions for grip


  • Exactness G sensors
  • Against slip silicone cushions at the base
  • Step-on innovation
  • Auto-adjustment
  • Estimating units: kg, pound, and stone
  • Weight limit – 5kg to 180kg
  • Huge LCD and backdrop illumination
  • Vitality effective
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Somewhat expensive
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3. Dr. Trust Absolute Leather Personal Digital Scale Weighing Machine

Dr. Trust comes in our rundown in light of its look, accuracy, and a commendable cost. The machine is produced using calfskin quality ABS cowhide and solid material. The plan looks extraordinary and is designed to bring the greatest exactness. The body is non-delicate and is solid for long use exactly what anyone would want from the best weighing machine.

The machine is furnished with Patented “ACCU GAUGE” Technology. It has four high exactness sensors that give exact and inside and out body weight estimation. It additionally accompanies scarcely any energizing highlights like a low battery marker and an over-burden pointer. The pointer flashes on the LCD if there should be an occurrence of over-burden or low battery to illuminate you about the issue.

The high-goals show screen is anything but difficult to peruse and splendidly lit. What we enjoyed more in the best weighing machine is the free frill alongside it. You get a temperature and an estimating tape free alongside the scale.

Dr. Trust Absolute Leather Personal Digital Scale Weighing Machine


  • Advanced scale
  • Cowhide body from top
  • Free estimating tape and thermometer
  • ACCU GAUGE accuracy innovation
  • Accompanies a 2-year guarantee


  • Works by contact
  • Solid
  • Simple to peruse LCD board
  • Accompanies service agreement
  • Extraordinary looking body


  • The cowhide wears out if you use it routinely and for various individuals
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4. Hesley HL-1 Weighing Machine with Advanced Step-Onn Technology

This high exactness weighing machine from Hesley accompanies the four most recent form high-exactness sensors to guarantee precision. It is outfitted with highlights including auto zero, auto power-off, low battery, and over-burden sign. It likewise has a simple to-peruse illuminated LCD to show the estimations even in the diminished light. This best weighing machine covers thick treated glass to give uncommon solidness.

Hesley HL-1 Weighing Machine


  • Quick Readings when you step on the Weighing Scale
  • 4 Latest-Version High-Precision Sensors
  • Estimation Range:11Lb-400Lb (5Kg-180Kg)
  • Multifunction Weighing Scale including Auto-Zero, Auto-Power-Off, Low Battery and Overload Indication
  • Simple to Read Backlit LCD Display


  • High exactness and accuracy
  • The LCD is sufficiently splendid
  • An incredible item at this value run


  • Weight shown is pretty much predictable
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5. Hoffen HO-18 Weighing Scale

The next item on our rundown is from Hoffen brand which is notable for giving best weighing machine in India. HO-18 wellness weighing machine model from this brand has a striking appearance and alluring plan just like the best weighing machine.

This item is extraordinarily structured with high exactness sensors that try to give precise outcomes. Its solid stage is made from fortified treated glass. It has a scope of up to 180 kgs and can show estimations as precise as much as 100 grams.

This scale has a simple advance on and step-off turn on/off system. The auto-on work permits the scale to peruse your weight once you remain on it. The auto-off component kills the scale 5 seconds after you step off it.

Hoffen HO-18 Weighing Scale


  • fortified safety glass
  • over-burden sign
  • strain check sensor framework
  • an enormous LCD
  • auto-off component


  • High exactness strain check sensor framework
  • Solid safety glass
  • Over-burden sign
  • Demonstrates when the battery is low
  • Auto-shutdown highlight
  • Advanced showcase board
  • Limit: 2.3 kilograms to 180 kilograms


  • Should be aligned consistently for precise outcomes
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6. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital

Equinox weighing scale is a thin smooth scale that fits any stylistic theme. We suggest it for any individual who is searching for something versatile, tasteful, and exact.

The weihging scale arrives in an assortment of shading and size choices. You can pick anyone according to your desire as every one of them work similarly well. It has a huge LCD screen to see the outcome. It is outfitted with auto-step on a sensor. That implies the scale turns on once you contact it with your foot. Further, the scale deals with 3 volts’ lithium batteries. The unique highlights of this best weighing machine are that it gives a low battery and over-burden blunder. What’s more, when you step down it consequently stops.

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital


  • Comes in various structures and hues
  • Auto on/off
  • Contact sensor
  • 1.5-year guarantee
  • Takes a shot at 3 V lithium battery


  • Works by contact
  • Marker for over-burden and low battery
  • Looks incredible with a bloom print


  • Cost is high when contrasted with the highlights
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All the products listed above in the list of the best weighing machine are the best in the market and have been deliberated after extensive research and trial. All the highlights, positives, and negatives of the products have been pinned down after practical usage.

When health is concerned, the right tools are a necessity. Check out the best glucometers in India and always keep your health in check.

Best Weighing Machine Buying Buying Guide

Now that you have gone through the best weighing machines in the market, you should be aware of the factors that you should be considering before buying one. There is a wide range of weighing machines available in the market but you cannot end up buying a weighing machine just based on someone’s suggestion or recommendation. Then how will you decide which is the best one for you? Don’t worry, this buying guide will help you in selecting the best weighing machine.

Types of weighing machines

Weighing machines are broadly classified into two types:

  • Analog Weighing Machine
  • Digital Weighing Machine

Analog weighing machine –  The analog weighing machine is the oldest type of weighing machine. These types of weighing machines are the cheapest and most affordable in the market today. The analog weighing machine displays the bodyweight readings in a dial format, just like an analog speedometer or a clock. The capacities of the weighing machines vary. However, the disadvantage of the analog weighing machine is that it can have an error of about 500 grams after some time of use. Also, the reading could differ depending upon the side you view the reading.

Digital weighing machine – A digital weighing machine is a developed variant of the analog weighing machine. The name digital itself indicates that the reading is displayed in a digital format on a small screen. The digital weighing machines come with batteries that can be replaced from time to time.

Digital weighing machines today have advanced features like a memory that can store previous readings Some of the digital machines have advanced features like memory feature that can store the previous reading, and some come with sensors that can switch off/switch off the device accordingly. Now, today, there are also weighing machines that come with Bluetooth pairing feature which enable the device to send the weight measurements to your smartphone. These measurement details can then be shared with doctors, friends, relatives, etc.

If you are looking for a personal weighing machine that displays the accurate weight measurement, it is always better to consider purchasing a digital weighing machine. A digital weighing machine is maximum error-free and displays the exact weight reading.

Weighing range/capacity – The capacity of a weighing machine relates to the maximum reading a weighing machine can display. Analog weighing machines come with 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg, capacities, meanwhile, digital weighing machines come with 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg, 180 kg, capacities. Choosing the device-dependent on its ability is absolutely up to you and the main thing you ought to recall is that it is in every case better to buy a device with the greatest limit. 

Environment – Weighing machines accompany various highlights, some accompany waterproof features, some with shockproof features. Before buying a weighing machine, choose where you are going to put the device, on the off chance that it is a spot with high moistness and dampness lean toward buying a waterproof device on the off chance that, you have children at home and if the gadget will be kept at his/her compass inclination toward buying a shockproof device. 

Units and size of display – Most of the Indians favor weight to be shown in kilograms on their weighing machines. In any case, a few people particularly the NRIs may lean toward having the weight showed in another unit if you have such a necessity to check the determination cautiously because there are devices with such alternatives.

The size of the presentation is another main consideration to consider and it is extremely significant if the device is advanced, various models of weighing machines will have diverse showcase sizes. 

Skid-proof – This is one of the most significant features to consider while buying a personal weighing machine. A few devices accompany no-slip evidence includes; these devices that are risky to utilize. Devices with no slide confirmation feature can prove risky and can bring about extreme harm to your body, thus, it is essential to buy a device with slide evidence structure so the client doesn’t slip and tumble from the weighing machine breaking his/her bones. 

Shape –weighing machines come in, for the most part, two unique shapes, round and square shape. There are no distinctions in the proficiency of the device or working of the device, yet the state of the device matters for certain individuals. It is to a greater degree an individual decision.


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